Fédération Internationale des Associations de Médecins Catholiques


Declaration on recent appointment to the Pontifical Academy for Life

The World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) expresses its concern about a recent appointment of the Italian-American economist at University College London, Mariana Mazzucato, to serve

The Swiss Catholic Medical Association reflects on transhumanism

On Saturday 1 October 2022, two weeks after the 26th World Congress for Catholic Physicians in Rome, President Bernard Ars has given a lecture entitled "Transgression of

WMA and the right to Conscientious Objection – Message of our President

The World Medical Association (WMA) holds its annual General Assembly from October 5-8 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin. For that Occasion, the presidents of both the

Final Message of the 26th FIAMC World Congress – ‘Reparation versus Transformation in Medicine’ (En/Fr)

Professor Dominique Baron Lambert, Ph.D. in Physics and in Philosophy, University of Namur and Royal Academy of Belgium. To think of reparation by giving back its importance

FIAMC President: Texts and activities (update Rome 2022)

During the meeting of the Executive Committee of FIAMC in Rome, Tuesday Sept 28th 2021 at the Augustinianum (pictures below), an overview of the many written interventions

President Ars Opening Address – MaterCare Conference 2022

Dear President Chazan, Dear Bogdan, Dear colleagues, Dear friends, It is a great joy and an honour for me, as President of the World Federation of Catholic

Video: Dr. Bernard Ars presents the XXVI World Congress in Rome

in French, with English subtitels (cc) Médecin-Chirurgien Nez-Gorge-Oreilles,Très heureux dans mon métier dans lequel j’ai pu vivre la relation avec les patients, la recherche et l’enseignement, la


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FRANCE : 13e Rassemblement Emmanuel Médecins : « La mort : échec ou espérance ? »

Emmanuel Médecins vous invite à la 13ème édition de ce rassemblement international pour les médecins chirurgiens ...

Sobre el transexualismo en los niños

Dr. José María Simón Castellví Presidente emérito de la Federación Internacional de Asociaciones Médicas ...

Catéchisme de la vie spirituelle – Card. Robert Sarah

La FIAMC recommande / FIAMC recommends «  Il m’a semblé que l’éclipse de Dieu dans nos sociétés ...

Ambrosoli, missionary Doctor

Uganda: Blessed Joseph Ambrosoli -priest, missionary, doctor, surgeon and philanthropist. The new Blessed of the ...

Barcelona: al final de la vida

Contacto: Dr. José María Simón: ...

The Call to Physician Advocacy in the Public Square

Physician as Advocate: Defending Scientific Truth in the Public Square BY TOM VENZOR Physician advocacy is everywhere. ...

Dr. Paul Takashi Nagai

In Udine the exhibition “Takashi Paolo Nagai Announcement from Nagasaki”E Written by the Friends of ...

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