92nd Annual Educational ConferenceSeptember 7-9, 2023

2023 Conference Promo Video

The theme for the 2023 CMA Annual Educational Conference is“Be Not Afraid: Courageous Catholic Medicine”

This will be the CMA’s 92nd annual educational conference.  Over those years, authentically Catholic health care has faced many challenges, and continues to do so.

  The 2023 conference will focus on the virtue of courage and its importance in the care of our patients and ourselves.  Such care recognizes the need for attention to their body, soul, and mind, as modeled by the Divine Physician, Jesus Christ.Presentations by clinicians, clergy, and ethical leaders will demonstrate the critical role of courage from a multitude of perspectives.

  The Catholic principle of courage as a theological virtue will be explored, as well as an analysis of the psychological foundations of courage.  The fortitude required in clinical realms will include primary care, end of life, and critical care, highlighting the strength of our Catholic faith throughout our careers.  Attendees will also benefit from encouragement provided by experts in medical media, medicolegal issues, and political circles.

  The information and inspiration offered by the speakers, the fellowship, and the liturgies will continue the tradition of a high-quality annual conference that has been maintained for nearly a century.

The patronage of the Three Holy Archangels promises a clear message under each of their traditional charisms:  St. Raphael’s courage to heal, St. Gabriel’s courage to communicate, and St. Michael’s courage to act.  In our times of conflict and confusion in medicine, the courage to imitate Christ in our care for others must be cultivated.  This conference will meet that need.

Arizona Grand Resort

8000 South Arizona Grand Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85044

CMA Room Block rate $179.00plus Discounted Resort Fee $20.00

(registration fees not included)

The final date to secure suite accommodations at the contracted rate is August 15, 2023


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