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Hope and Healing for Infertile Couples

The Catholic Telegraph /  October 8, 2021 / Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ This month brings a new event designed to minister to couples suffering from infertility. On Oct. 16, the archdiocese will host its first St. Gerard Morning of Reflection for Infertile Couples at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish on the West Side

The personal side of natural family planning

Zoey Maraist | Catholic Herald Staff Writer7/14/21 The crutch of birth control  Instead of fixing the root cause of her irregular cycles, Joyce Germano was put on birth control — over and over again.  “It was very frustrating to the point where it caused almost a depression

A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology

Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington Read Letter from Bishop Burbidge | Download Document (en Español) Introduction In the past decade our culture has seen growing acceptance of transgender ideology-that is, the claim that a person's biological sex and personal identity have no necessary connection and

Humanae vitae: always a Prophetic Document

By Anne Lastman--- Clearly, the most controversial encyclical of the 20th century was the 1968 document Humanae vitae (On the Regulation of Birth), in which Pope Paul VI restated the Church’s teaching that the use of contraception to frustrate conception is gravely immoral. With so

Humanae Vitae: la fecundidad de una Carta del futuro

Conferencia Internacional 50 aniversario de la Humanae Vitae. Centro Pastoral Pablo VI, Brescia, del 16 al 18 de junio de 2018 Comunicación presentada por: Esperanza Coll, Montserrat Rutllant, miembros de RENAFER (Asociación Española de Profesores de Planificación Familiar Natural) (*). Movidos por el impulso de

Boscia (AMCI): “Il figlio non appartiene sono alla madre ma anche al padre”

 10 Febbraio 2021  Filippo Maria Boscia ” Il figlio non appartiene solo alla mamma, ma  anche  al padre. Bisogna riscrivere  genitorialità e  sessualità”: il professor Filippo Maria Boscia, luminare di ginecologia, Presidente Nazionale dei Medici Cattolici insorge contro la scelta di togliere i manifesti di


9-5 Updating Evidence-Based Information about the Efficacy of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods of Family Planning BE IT RESOLVED, that the Catholic Medical Association request that the Centerfor Disease Control update the effectiveness rates quoted foreach fertility awareness-based methods in their “Effectivenessof Family Planning Methods” to reflect the

Webinar: sessualità e fertilità in oncologia (21 nov 2020)

 SESSUALITA' E FERTILITA' IN ONCOLOGIA - 21 novembre 2020 in videoconferenza webinar Cari amici, vi invio il programma del Convegno di Marzo rimandato causa  COVID al 21 Novembre, al quale potrete accedere tramite  piattaforma perchè sarà in modalità webinar ( con crediti ECM). Vi mando anche

The gender theory, looked at from the perspective of Christian anthropology, creation theology and human ecology

On the occasion of the Season of Creation 2020, FIAMC-president Bernard Ars has invited His Eminence Willem Cardinal Eijk, archbishop of Utrecht (The Netherlands) to contribute to the FIAMC website with a reflection on gender, creation and human ecology. FIAMC is happy to be able

Christians with unwanted Same-Sex Attraction 

TrueLove.Is – Christians with unwanted Same-Sex Attraction  “As Christians with same-sex attraction, we have decided for ourselves not to act on our same-sex attraction. Our lived experiences are valid. But there are many who want to cancel our stories on social media. We exist. We

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