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Meet The Speakers:

Dr Kenny holds two professorships in Psychology and Music. She has worked at the University of Sydney for over 30 years before taking up full time private practice. She has boldly spoken out about the issues of Transgenderism in her contributions to books on the subject, such as ‘ venting Transgender Children and Young People , as well as in the media, such as this article in The Australian newspaper.  If you cannot access the article, this and other news article on the subject of the rise of gender dysphoria in children can be viewed at our CMA Sex and Gender page. 

 Dr Norma is a Senior Research fellow at RMIT University. She too has been courageous in speaking out about her concerns about the transgender movement’s negative impacts on women. You may be interested to read this excellent article articulating some of her views. Dr Norma made the news when she was ‘de-platformed’ at a writers’ festival in 2019 for voicing concerns about transgenderism from a feminist perspective. 

Articles of Interest

The Sex and Gender Resource Page at the CMA website is slowly growing. Some new additions include the Catholic Church’s recent document on Gender Ideology entitled ‘Male and Female He Created Them’ and written by the Congregation for Catholic Education. You can also access the proposed legislation in Queensland which sought to enforce ‘affirmation  only therapy’  for children on all health workers.

Dissident practitioners would have faced an 18 month prison term for failing to abide by the state decrees in managing gender dysphoric children. Hard to believe but it’s all written down in Chapter 5B of the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.As an antidote to reading such coercive progressive activism in the form of legislation, you may wish to read Prof John Whitehall’s submission to the Queensland Parliament expressing his concerns about the aforementioned legislation. 

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