For more than half a century, European Catholic Doctors have met regularly in Congress every four years in order to get better acquainted with one another, to discuss together the fundamental themes of disease and health in our common European home, to debate ethical issues and laws which concern the protection of human life, and to pray together.

In the times in which we live there are obvious signs of distress and pain from innocent victims to which we must not be slow to respond.

We’ll discuss the serious issues that concern the European communities today:

  • the tragedies affecting thousands of families who risk their lives to reach the southern beaches in Europe fleeing famine and war;
  • the threats of the blind, brutal, and ubiquitous terrorism in our urban communities;
  • the current bioethical questions about the limits of our knowledge, particularly those relating to the
    beginning and the end of life, and the biological nature of the human being;
  • and the organization of our health systems and provision of care, and their priorities, particularly with regard to the most vulnerable members of our societies.

Discussion topics and tasks to plan or execute won’t certainly be lacking.

The city of Porto offers a very warm welcome to the delegates and guests at the next FEAMC Congress from September 29th to October 2nd, 2016.

François Blin & Alexandre Laureano Santos

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29th Sept. – 2nd Oct. 2016 29 septembre 2 octobre 2016
Porto (Portugal) Porto (Portugal)
XIII European XIIIe Congrès Européen
Congress of FEAMC de la FEAMC
“Doctors, the Church, “Les médecins, l’Eglise, et
and Europe today” l’Europe aujourd’hui”
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Program Programme
Official languages: English and French, Langues du Congrès: Français et Anglais
(Simultaneous translation) (Traduction simultanée)
Thursday 29th September Jeudi 29 septembre
09:30 Reception desk 09h30 Réception
11:00   Board of FEAMC (for members) 11h00 Bureau de la FEAMC (membres)
13:00 Free Lunch 13h00 Déjeuner libre
14:00 2 simultaneous Workshops : 14h00 2 Ateliers simultanés :
• Migrations in Europe • Les migrations en Europe
• Young Doctors and the associations • Les jeunes médecins et les
16:00 of catholic doctors 16h00 Associations de médecins catholiques
Break Pause
16:30   Holy Mass, Seminary of Vilar Chapel 16h30 Messe, chapelle du Seminário do Vilar
17:30 Break 17h30 Pause
18:00 Opening session 18h00 Session inaugurale
19:15 Opening Conference 19h15 Conférence inaugurale
Walter Osswald : “Bioethics in the Walter Osswald : “La Bioéthique à la
20:30 Light of Christian Faith” 20h30 lumière de la Foi chrétienne”
Welcome cocktail Cocktail de bienvenue
Friday 30th September Vendredi 30 septembre
08:15   Holy Mass, Seminary of Vilar Chapel 08h15 Messe, chapelle du Seminário do Vilar
09:00   1st Session – “The Common Good and 09h00 1ère Session – “Le bien commun, et les
10:15 Health Care Systems” 10h15 systèmes de santé”
2nd Conference – Ermanno Pavesi : 2e Conférence – Ermanno Pavesi :
“The Person of the patient and of the “La personne du malade, et celle du
doctor. Theological and philosophical médecin : Références théologiques et
11:00 references” 11h00 philosophiques”
Coffee break Pause-café
11:30   2nd Session – “Physicians in a 11h30 2e Session : “Les médecins dans une
13:00 multicultural society” 13h00 société multiculturelle”
Lunch Déjeuner
14:30 3rd Session – “Fragmentation of 14h30 3e Session – “La fragmentation de la
15:45 medical practice” 15h45 pratique médicale”
Coffee Break Pause-café
16:15 Free Papers 16h15 Communications libres,
and Posters discussion 18h00 et discussion des Posters
18:00   General Assembly of FEAMC Assemblée Générale de la FEAMC
20:00 Dinner, free 20h00 Dîner libre
21:30   Church of Lapa, Concert 21h30 Eglise de Lapa, Concert
Saturday 1st October Samedi 1er octobre
08:15   Holy Mass, Seminary of Vilar Chapel 08h15 Messe, chapelle du Seminário do Vilar
09:15 4th Session 09h15 4e Session
10:30 “The beginning of human life” 10h30 “Le Début de la vie humaine”
3rd Conference – Bernard Ars : 3e Conférence – Bernard Ars :
“Technological totalitarism and “Totalitarisme technologique et Foi
11:15 Catholic Faith” 11h15 catholique”
Coffee break Pause-café
11:45 5th Session 11h45 5e Session
13:00 “The sunset of human life” 13h00 “La fin de la vie humaine”
Lunch Déjeuner
14:30 4th Conference – François Blin : “Past, 14h30 4e Conférence – François Blin : “Passé,
15:15 Present and Future of FEAMC” 15h15 présent, et avenir de la FEAMC”
6th Session 6e Session
16:30 “Medicine and the poor” 16h30 “La Médecine et les pauvres”
Coffee break Pause-café
17:00 5th Conference 17h00 5e Conférence
(Spiritual theme to be defined) 17h45 (Thème spirituel à définir)
17:45   Proposals and final remarks Propositions et remarques finales
20:00   Closing dinner at a Port Wine Cellar 20h30 Dîner de clôture, Cave de Porto

Sunday 2nd October Dimanche 2 octobre

Time to be announced : Horaire à définir :

Holy Mass, Porto Cathedral                                               Messe, Cathédrale de Porto