Interaxiongroup is an educative forum which equips parents and educators with material and instruction regarding adolescent use of Social Media (social networks, internet, video games).

This online forum offers courses, tutorials, articles and other services to collaborate with all who participate in the process of adolescent socialization: families, schools and friends.

We seek to transmit an attentive and positive vision of the impact of Social Media on the youth; we offer tools and create a place of encounter to inform and form in this area.

Our objective is to provide parents and teachers with tools designed for educating children and adolescents in the correct use of new technologies, envisioning this formation as an integral part of an educative model, not an isolated aside.

Our Pillars

The digital platform of Interaxiongroup is based on three pillars:

Education. E-learning courses and online meetings: many experts in the area of technology and education offer lessons and advice to the public through lessons and online discussions.

Family. Publication of both practical and theoretical content in order to assist parents in the many challenges of educating their children towards a responsible use of technology.

Resources. Periodic production and publication of: articles, recommended readings, videos and tutorials, etc.

Our Approach

The content adapts to the educational challenges arising from the establishment of new technologies as part of the day to day life of the youth. What matters is not so much the technical aspect as the underlying issues which resound in the educational challenge for parents and professors: pornography, cyber bullying, maturity of character, self-esteem, and digital identity.

The material of Interaxiongroup does not only intend to keep its users up-to-date in the latest Social Media trends; it aims to go beyond this, posing and reflecting on the underlying issues in order to offer a global vision of the person and, from this context, to foster an integral and underlying formation of the person.