18th of June at our parish of Three Saints Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) in Brovary, Kyiv region, Ukraine, took place the next monthly meeting of Ukrainian Catholic Medical Association (Kyiv Department). With blessing of the Major Archbishop of the UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk had honor to listen a lecture of father Vitaly Voyetsa, Head of Commission the Kyiv Archeparchy UGCC for Pastoral Health Care. Topic lectures: “Burnout syndrome in medical profession-ways of recognition and prevention”.

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Burnout syndrome – it’s a syndrome, which appears on background chronic stress and leads to exhaustion of the emotional and personal resources of  a person. Especially inclined to burnout on work is people, which are working in sphere of “human-human”, i.e those, whose work is related with permanent communication.

How to recognize in himself or in their own colleagues symptoms of emotional burnout? How to find necessary resources for effective and creative realization of the medical vocation? Eventually, how to provide care about himself and their own neighbors?

Also participants of the meeting took participation in interactive exercises, looking for answers on question: “What such personal life?”, “What such professional life?”, “What exactly necessary for mine psychological comfort?”

Lecture of father Vitaly was enriched of the concrete examples and practical medical cases  from the life and work of the medical chaplain, personal experience from the interaction with by doctors and patients.

Also spoke about necessity restoration and recreation (time on relationships with close ones, hobby, formation correct self-esteem, wise concern about himself etc).

Extraordinary gratitude to father Vitaly by wonderful a lecture and communication!
Also many thanks to father prior Oleg Panchyniak by comprehensive support.
Thanks God by gift of the life and the vocation to medical service.
Thanks to our brave defenders by possibility to live and work.
May God bless everyone! Together to victory!

Dr. Yaroslav Diakunchak