Calling For Catholic Medical Association Award Nominations

April 4, 2024

Recipients of the Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award Dr. Kim Hardey, Dr. Paul Hruz, Dr. Cathleen Schanzer and Past President Dr. Craig Treptow honored at last year’s Annual Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s that time of year when the Catholic Medical Association opens the Annual Awards nomination process to recognize the outstanding work done by our guilds, student chapters, chaplains and members. CMA’s success in carrying out its mission to inspire physicians to imitate Jesus Christ is made possible by the tremendous work that members do on the local, state and national levels. For this reason, award recipients are recognized each year at the Annual Educational Conference (AEC), which will be held in Orlando, Florida this year September 5-7, 2024.

“All of our Guilds do incredible work. However, the Outstanding Guild Award is presented to a CMA Guild that surpasses expectations, and through its exceptional efforts, achieves all five essential pillars,” explained the Awards Committee Chair Dr. Marie-Alberte Boursiquot. “The guild chosen shows that is has successfully engaged its members and community to advance CMA’s mission.”

The five pillars indicate that guild members receive opportunities for spiritual formation, educational formation, fellowship, service and growth.

Last year, the Nashville Guild of the Catholic Medical Association received the Outstanding Guild Award making it a two-time winner, having also won in 2019. The Guild conducted medical student and resident panel discussions on challenging medical-moral issues of the day, organized Bible study groups, Masses, Book Clubs, lunches, dinners, and themed events, and registered 30 new members that year. Guild members also volunteered at the local free clinic and homeless shelter. Other guild awards include the St. Luke Award and the Pillars Certificate.

Members of the CMA Student Section of Rocky Vista University accept the 2023 Outstanding Student Chapter Award presented by then President Dr. Craig Treptow and Executive Director Mario Dickerson.

Student chapters also have an opportunity to be recognized at the AEC with the Outstanding Student Chapter Award. Life as a Catholic medical student in a secular world can seem unfathomable at times. Fortunately, CMA is blessed with many young members dedicated to the future of Catholic Medicine. The Outstanding Student Chapter Award is given to the student chapter which has effected meaningful change in its community. Last year, the CMA medical students at Rocky Vista University focused on service through homeless outreach with Christ in the City. They held spiritual and educational formation events, participated in monthly Holy Hours and seminars, and they participated in a Religious Patient Panel which considered how to approach religion in various patient-care settings.

Individual awards include the Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award and Outstanding Guild Chaplain Award. The Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award is presented to members whose vocation of healing others exemplifies their faith and love of God — both personally and professionally. Their special service and dedication to the mission of the Catholic Medical Association answers God’s call of discipleship and is a testament to their character. The amazing work that CMA does each year is made possible by a strong spiritual foundation, strengthened by our many chaplains.  The Outstanding Guild Chaplain Award is given to CMA chaplains who provide spiritual direction and guidance to members, helping them to stay true to the Catholic Faith.

Now that the nominating process is open, CMA will rely on its members to nominate the deserving guilds, student chapters, guild chaplains and individual members so they may be honored for the work they are doing to further the mission of the Catholic Medical Association.

“The CMA is unlike any professional organization that I have ever been a part of,” Dr. Boursiquot added. “It’s encouraging to be among individuals who demonstrate that as faithful Catholics it’s possible to practice Medicine with excellence. Participating in our awards programs gives us an opportunity to celebrate our collaborative efforts in advancing CMA mission.”

Executive Director Mario R. Dickerson agrees. “As Catholics, we’re called to celebrate our gifts, collective efforts, and the love we share for our mission with enthusiasm. Nominating peers, guilds, or even oneself isn’t merely for accolades — it highlights our dedication, uplifts our members, and inspires greater achievements. Let’s actively nominate, participate, and turn this year’s awards into a powerful expression of our unity and commitment to Christ’s healing ministry.”

Nominating information is found here.