Hundreds of lay leaders and para-medical professionals attended the special conference on the topic, “Current Global Threats and Challenges in 2024”. The whole day event was held at Holiday Plaza Hotel right at the heart of uptown Cebu City, Philippines. The event started with the praying of the holy rosary of Our Lady followed by the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

The main objective of this conference was to impart global updates and stir spiritual interests after knowing and hearing the topics presented.  
The lone speaker, Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, spoke about different issues which will have direct effect on the Philippines, Asia-Pacific region and the whole world. The first topic being tackled is the very dangerous situation brewing between the Philippines and China with the latter showing very provocative moves in their open defiant to the UN’s ruling that the Philippines owns the vast territory west of the country.

Dr. Bullecer urged the audience to offer more prayers to avoid this very dangerous situation.

The second topic discussed by the speaker was on other situations which threaten global peace like the Russia-Ukraine and Israel – Palestine conflict including its scenarios. And the last topic discussed was on the issue of different emerging diseases including the continual appearance of new Sars-cov 2 variants. Last topic being presented was on the pros and cons of the WHO Pandemic Treaty. Here, Dr. Bullecer squarely presented both sides of the coin.  An open forum culminated the event with many of the attendees urging people to be back on their knees and calling the church leaders in proactive ways to avert this impending global catastrophe.

As an ending, Dr. Bullecer strongly called on his audience to avoid the spirit of complacency and move forward as warriors of the faith in the midst of the threats which earlier prophesied  by the Mother of God at Quito, Fatima and Akita,