In Cebu, Philippines, I went to the venue for the Annual Divine Mercy Congress and delivered a 2-hour straight talk on the topic, “Divine Mercy: Source of Hope and Life”.

In-front of 3,436 registered participants from the different dioceses of the country, I talk and introduce to them about the existence of a global organization called FIAMC. This is for them to know that in the midst of the global anti-life agenda promoted by no less than the WHO and their cohorts, there is a group composed of dedicated physicians who are trained and committed to defend, sustain and preserve human life. That the FIAMC members are ready to counter the anti-life agenda of the West against abortion, all forms of artificial contraception, gender theory, gay union and euthanasia.

I told them many times, “You can trust me, I am a pro-life doctor”..
May the Good Lord bless FIAMC endeavors all for the greater glory of God thru the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Rene C. Bullecer

Catholic Physicians Guild Philippines