Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)

Founded in 1943 by Sr. Dr Mary Glowrey, an Australian Nun, CHAI is one of the largest pan Indian healthcare networks in the country after the Government, consisting of 3521 Member Institutions (MIs): 1409 dispensaries, 913 health centers and 928 hospitals – with over 50,000 beds, 210 Disability rehabilitation centers and 90 Holistic Care Centers for PLHIV etc.

Over 92% of CHAI MIs are headed by Sister Doctors/Nurses/Social Workers and 84% serve in the medically underserved areas. They operate under 11 Regional Units across India. CHAI MIs extend medical care to over 21 million persons in a year – with a team of 1000 Sister-Doctors; 25,000 Sister-Nurses; 10,000 plus Sister-paraprofessionals, around 40,000 Sister/Priest Social Workers and a huge number of lay employees.

Since its inception, CHAI holds its Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) with its members. In 2018, as part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration it will conduct its 75th AGBM and the 2-day National Health Convention (NHC).