The Online Registration for the Certification course commences on Friday 1st March, 2024.
It is offered by.. F.I.A.M.C. Bio-Medical Ethics Centre in collaboration with
College of Social Work (Autonomous) Nirmala Niketan

Conducted by the Dean and team of FIAMC

Schedule: Second Sunday of every month, Time: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
Duration: 9 months (July 2024 – March 2025) Attendance is compulsory for all 9 Sessions

To confirm your registration to the course & to help in the administration
1. Please fill out this form.
2. Then Pay the necessary Fee for the same of Rs. 3000/-
3. Forward the payment confirmation through Whatsapp to +919833606980 along with your Full Name.

Incase of any queries kindly contact the Manager -9833606980
(All data collected is treated as private and not used for any commercial or other activities).

Welcome and looking forward to a rewarding year ahead !

Complete the form below to enroll yourself for the Certificate in Bio-Medical Ethics
[Co-branded with Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work] for the year 2024-25 

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The FIAMC Bio-Medical Ethics Centre in collaboration with the Nirmala College of Social Work offers an Online Certificate Course in Bio-Medical Ethics 2024-25.

“Online Certificate Course for all professionals, healthcare workers, educationists, social workers, religious and people of all walks of life”.