Considered one of the neglected subjects in the curriculum among the para medical institutions is about the existence of the human soul. In the Philippines, of the 30 medical schools, there are only two medical schools that incorporate teachings on this subject. These schools are being run  by the Dominicans and the Jesuits. With this, over 80% of the medical students who then graduated as physicians got no clear and solid knowledge and teachings on the existence of the immortal human soul.

This event is aimed at educating or re-educating the para medical professionals and to the general audience to rediscover the truth about the human soul. And that while every patient that  comes to the doctor due to bodily ailments and for medical treatment, that patient carries also with him his invisible soul.

Aside from the in-depth discussions on the reality and existence of the human soul, other topics includes the enemies of the soul and on near death experiences.

This one day conference will begin with the praying of the holy rosary, the holy Mass and the series of talks.The Catholic Physicians Guild of the Philippines or CPGP is the main organizer in coordination with the FIAMC.