Undoubtedly we are all living in the uncertain and turbulent times wherein the possibility of a Third World War may erupt anytime or maybe due to the catastrophic effects of the global climate changes whether these are man-made or by nature. But by all means, every baptised soul must be ready. With these, the Catholic physicians Guild of the Philippines, with the FIAMC, the National Council of the Laity of the Philippines and the Human Life International Pilipinas are initiating to organize the Divine Mercy Conference with the theme, “Divine Mercy as the End Times Devotion”.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at the Cebu Business Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines. The organizers are not only expecting para-medical people as the main attendees are also hundreds of lay leaders who need to be updated on the messages from Our Lord to St. Faustina Kowalska in relation to one’s preparation for salvation which is the primary concern to every individual on earth.

The speakers of this event includes a priest, a physician and a lay leader who will individually expound the need for spiritual preparedness. To recall, 20 years ago, Pope Saint John Paul II officially declared the second Sunday after Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday that extols the importance of this feast. The Philippines which is a predominantly Catholic nation with over 75% of the 112 million inhabitants adheres to the Christianity since it arrived into their shores exactly 503 years ago as introduced by the Spaniards particularly in the island of Cebu.

It is hoped that this conference will give a boost to the already renewed faith of the participants after the lenten season and at the same will serve as an impetus for them to be more dedicated and committed to the most cherished faith and transform each one as much better Catholic Christians in their daily living.