Advent is the long journey which has slowly led to the manger. A time of remembering the recent past. The little miracles which when we look back were so special. So needed at the time. A reflection about a small child. A child who looked like any other newborn. A baby who wriggled and gave his first cry of life. A baby who nestled peacefully on his mother’s breast and heard her heartbeat just as he had heard that slow rhythmic beat for nearly 300 days and in this new different world he again heard her heartbeat and was comforted.

We reflect on a baby whose birth should have passed by unknown because he was born in such poor circumstances but instead he was heralded by angels and earthly men who recognised the beautiful baby. Just like any other baby. Oh! but yes his heralds were mighty. We reflect on a mother and father who heard that first life giving cry, but they knew something more. A manger for a bed. A manager to lay his little head. But later we know, because he told us, “the son of man has no place to lay his head” but on his own chest as he bowed his head and died. But for now we wait with the whole of creation, holding our breath, for his arrival.

A blessed Christmas is wished for all at FIAMC.

Anne Lastman (Australia).