2022 Catholic Media Awards: Winners Include Linacre Quarterly, Doctor, Doctor, Members

Philadelphia, PA- July 20, 2022- Catholic Medical Association proudly announces its bioethics journal, The Linacre Quarterly, the Doctor, Doctor podcast, as well as various members, have earned Catholic Media Association Awards for yet another year.

The Linacre Quarterly received eight awards, including several first place awards in categories including Best Editorial, Best Essay – Scholarly Magazines and Best Writing – Analysis.

“The contributors to The Linacre Quarterly continue to provide our readers with high-quality, timely, interesting content. I am blessed to be able to work with such dedicated and talented authors,” said Barbara Golder, M.D., J,D, Editor-in-Chief of The Linacre Quarterly.

The Catholic Media Association commented on each winning Linacresubmission. Following is a sampling of the Association’s reviews:

“Excellent writing; effectively illuminates that although a complex issue may not be black and white.”

“This editorial was timely and managed to weave the perils (and positives) of social media with the pandemic and the Catholic faith.”

Doctor, Doctor, hosted by CMA members Drs. Thomas McGovern, Andrew Mullally and Chris Stroud, placed as runner-up in the Single Story: National Release category for its episode on Human Trafficking.

Two books published by CMA members also received several awards.

In the Jesus – Christology category, Dr. Thomas McGovern took first place for his book, What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion.

The Catholic Media Association wrote about Dr. McGovern’s book:

“Appreciated author’s referencing of papal encyclical and scripture…Profound reflection on the part of the medical side of life on suffering.”

Dr. Wes Ely’s book, Every Deep-Drawn Breath, won three awards including first place in the Faith and Science category.

“My patients tell me their stories and I write them down. It’s a book about people, life, suffering, and recovery. I hope this work of narrative non-fiction helps get the topic of Christian humanization in medicine front and center,” said Dr. Ely.

The Catholic Media Association said Dr. Ely’s book “offers positive and lasting effects for all who are involved in healthcare. The author concludes with suggestions for resources for patients, families, caregivers, and medical professionals.”

2022 Award Winners

Best Guest Column/ Commentary

Second Place: Prudential Use of the Morally Controversial COVID-19 Vaccines Linacre Quarterly by Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, OP, PhD, STD

Best Editorial

First Place: The Blessing and Curse of Social Media Linacre Quarterly by Barbara Golder

Second Place: Bioethics, Conscience, and Prudence in the Time of COVID Linacre Quarterly by Barbara Golder

Best Essay – Scholarly Magazines

First Place: Mission Reborn in the Covid Crisis Linacre Quarterly by Michael Erdek MD, MA

Best Essay

Third Place: Understand My Language, to Understand My Pain: Challenges of Neurological Evaluation Among Refugees Linacre Quarterly by Gentian Vyshka, MD, Dritan Ulqinaku, MD

Honorable Mention: Prudential Use of the Morally Controversial COVID-19 Vaccines Linacre Quarterly by Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, OP, PhD, STD

Best Writing – Analysis

First Place :Caring for the Poor and Vulnerable: A Virtue Analysis of Mandated Health Insurance Compared with Healthcare Sharing Ministries Linacre Quarterly by Ezra Sullivan OP

Second Place: Does Medicine Have Common Goals? An Analysis of US Medical Organizations’ Ethics Statements Linacre Quarterly by Christopher Lisanti MD FACR

Single News Story: National Release

Runner Up Doctor:  Doctor – Human Trafficking: Doctors Learning from Patients, Doctor, Doctor, Inc. Co-Hosts: Thomas McGovern, MD, Andrew Mullally, MD, Chris Stroud, MD, Andrea Serrani (Producer, Editor)

Jesus – Christology

First Place What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion by Thomas W. McGovern MD

Faith and Science

First Place: Every Deep-Drawn Breath by Wes Ely, MD, S

Healing & Self Help

Honorable Mention: Every Deep-Drawn Breath by Wes Ely, MD

Grief and Bereavement

First Place: Every Deep-Drawn Breath by Wes Ely, MD