From the Catholic Association of Propagandists we witness with enormous concern and indignation the latest initiative promoted in the European Parliament.  

We consider that the concept of the person and his dignity constitute the basis of European culture and coexistence . It is because of this dignity that the person, whether unborn, elderly, disabled, man, woman or child, is from conception to natural death a sacred and inviolable being , created in the image and likeness of God, unique and unrepeatable in whatever stage or circumstance your life is in. Nothing can be founded or  sustained on the elimination of the human . 

Therefore we declare that:  

1. Abortion can never be considered a right , since life is the fundamental pillar of all rights. Without protecting human life we ​​cannot speak of any other right. 2. It is in the roots of the European Union to respect the cultures and traditions of the member states as well as national competencies, which is why any attempt to impose ideological positions on the person, marriage, family, life, etc.  is especially serious.

3. The fact that there is a false “right to abortion” recognized in European or international law or in any member state, is an intrinsic evil that infects and degrades any national or international order or institution. Ending human life can never be a right. 

4. The protection of women and their rights has nothing to do with the promotion of abortion, since without a doubt this false right threatens the most fundamental right of all: the life of the unborn conceived , also of the girls who are yet to be born. 

5. Proposals like this that are already taking place in several member states of the European Union not only end lives, but also threaten many other freedoms and rights such as conscientious objection or religious freedom. For all of the above, we publicly show our rejection of this latest initiative, confirming the setback it represents in the promotion of humanity , and we hope that Europe can rediscover the roots that formed its origins and make the coexistence and viability of the European project possible.