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Answering COVID-19 Misinformation

May 22, 2020- DD #153 – Answering COVID-19 Misinformation Epidemiologist Mark Strand, PhD and infectious disease specialist Dr. Paul Carson, MD from North Dakota State University talk about the stream of misinformation spreading about COVID-19, what separates helpful information from conspiracy or guesswork, and

23 May: International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

Let's fight fistula, now more than ever The fight to end obstetric fistula, one of the most serious and tragic injuries that can occur during childbirth, could be threatened by the current pandemic of COVID-19. Obstetric fistula is preventable; it can largely be avoided by delaying

Lessons from Medieval Dubrovnik: Quarantine and COVID-19 in Croatia

Dear All, here is the announcement for the webinar that will take place next Thursday, on May 28, albeit in the late evening (10:00 p.m. CEST), because it is organized by the Global Bioethics Initiative from New York and is held at the most convenient

Louis Braille: el músico católico ciego que inventó la lectura táctil

Melissa | CC BY ND 2.0 | Public Domain Jean Elizabeth Seah | 2020 Inventó la lectura y escritura en braille utilizando la misma herramienta que le había costado la vista Todos conocen al compositor clásico católico sordo, Beethoven. ¿Pero sabías que el inventor del braille

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How COVID-19 impacts cancer patients

Catholic Medical Association Oncologist, Dr. Felix Rodriguez, discusses how COVID-19 impacts cancer patients on EWTN News Nightly

Why masks are important during COVID-19 pandemic

Denver Newsroom, May 14, 2020 / 03:09 pm MT (CNA).- Although some people have raised objections to wearing masks as the U.S. continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, doing so can be an act of charity for one’s neighbor, a Catholic doctor said. “The simple

Origini del COVID-19?

(Foto FIAMC) Dott. Ermanno Pavesi--- Origini del COVID-19: La Cina rifiuta la collaborazione dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità Fin dagli inizi dell’epidemia è stata ribadita l’importanza delle ricerche sull’origine del virus. In molti bollettini ufficiali l’OMS ha ricordato tra i compiti attribuiti alle autorità cinesi proprio

Religious service attendance is associated with a lower risk…

Original Investigation May 6, 2020 Religious Service Attendance and Deaths Related to Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide Among US Health Care Professionals Ying Chen, ScD1,2; Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH3,4; Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD5; et alMichael Botticelli, MEd6; Tyler J. VanderWeele, PhD1,2Author AffiliationsArticle InformationJAMA Psychiatry. Published online May 6, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2020.0175editorial comment icon EditorialCommentauthor interview icon Interviews Audio Interview (20:36)Religious Service Attendance and Deaths Related to

Re-opening Phases…

Conquering Coronavirus as Catholics During the COVID-19 Re-Opening Phases As our country is starting to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to keep up, as things are changing so quickly and differ not only state-to-state and county-by-county, but city-by-city. As Catholics, what’s the best way to

Doctors & Priests on COVID THE GOOD FIGHT - 04/04/2020 - DOCTORS & PRIESTS ON COVID-19Epidemiologists Dr. Paul Carson and Dr. Paul Cieslak of the Catholic Medical Association (USA) discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on our nation. In the second hour, Dr. Tom McGovern of CMA discusses COVID-19

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