Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christmas is around the corner  again. Please let me share with you some happenings this year viz.:

(1) The Catholic Doctors Association of Malaysia is Organising the 17th Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (AFCMA) Congress 2020 in Malaysia from 29th Oct 2020 till 1st Nov 2020.

 The Theme of the Congress is – -” Building Bridges Through Healing and Spirituality”. We hope that some of you will come to the Congress to share and learn from your colleagues from throughout the world as well as to renew and strengthen the bond of friendship with them since the last Congresses in Croatia (FIAMC Congress) and Kyoto, Japan (16th AFCMA Congress).

Our Organising Committee has prepared a list of interesting topics for you to choose from or please write in to us to inform us what topic would you like to present. For those of you who have been to Malaysia this will be an ideal short get away holiday for you to come with your spouse/family and experience the warm weather we have all year round, enjoy the beautiful places of interest like the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur , Malacca town to see where St. Francis Xavier worked and its historical sites.

You can also see in Malaysia how the many races live in harmony despite their different religions, cultures, etc.. Finally our Malaysian Ringgit is very low  i.e. RM4 = USD 1. So it is very cheap to stay in Malaysia.

The Closing Date for the Early Bird Registration is 29th Feb 2020.So kindly Register now to get this cheaper rate. Please look at our website: for full details regarding the 17th AFCMA Congress 2020 Malaysia including Registration and Hotel Accommodation.

On behalf of the Organising Committee we look forward to welcoming you to Malaysia from 29th Oct 2020 till 1st Nov 2020 for the 17th AFCMA Congress which is hosted by the Catholic Doctors Association of Malaysia.

(2) New Presidents:    a/. The Catholic Doctors Association Of Malaysia (CDAM) had their AGM recently and elected Dr. Juliet Mathew as its new President. Her e-mail is <>    b/ Taiwan Federation of Catholic Medical Healthcare Association’s President is Dr. Chi-Chun Chou <>    c/Taiwan Catholic Medical Association’s President is Dr. Lan Gong-Yau <>    d/ National Federation of Catholic Physicians Guild of Korea’s President is Dr, Seung-Kew Yoon <>   e/ We must congratulate the Australian Doctors led by Dr. Eamonn Mathieson, Dr. Elvis Seman and Dr. Michael Shanahan for getting together with the other Australian doctors to form their National Association called the Australian Catholic Doctors Association.

(3) Finally Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this Christmas let us be reminded once again of the birth of a child, Jesus, the Emmanuel or which in Hebrew means God is with us.He is a sign of hope to humanity in the midst of all the conflicts, injustices and divisions that are taking place in many parts of the world. He comes as a child to remind us that God is with us and that to God, , nothing is impossible.

We pray that through the intervention of Mother Mary the people of Hong Kong including our Brothers and Sisters of St. Luke’s Guild Hong Kong will be able to solve the political problems there with the China authorities so that peace and harmony will return to their beloved country. Amen.Finally I wish you and your loved ones a Peaceful,Joyful and Blessed Christmas.

In Jesus,

Dr. Freddie Loh

Chairman FIAMC Membership Committee

Organising Chairman 17th AFCMA Congress 2020 Malaysia.