Analise D Mello MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB

The man went away and began to publicize the whole matter.
He spread the report abroad

After my success at a nation wide exam, my name made it to the local news paper – many well wishers just like you lovely people – texted , called my parents and me for best wishes and congratulations! To be completely honest it felt really appreciated and my parents are beaming with pride!

The Lord made my dream come true last year. While everyone joined the field with dreams of surgeries and fame – all I ever wanted was to pass on the kindness my father received when ill! However , the tiny petty aspect in me , wanted the naysayers and haters to read it – often I would feel the imposter syndrome when I would see classmates who belonged to families of generational doctors and surgeons or meet people who would look down upon my parents but change their attitude once they realised I was academically gifted.

Today as I saw how the leper praised Jesus, I move forward to a new place, new community – even a new language , I know I am here to represent my people , my faith and be a beacon of hope to patients who come with such aspirations!

I hope and pray I succeed and thank each and every reader who commented or smiled or even prayed for me! I will always have you all in my heart!


Dear Lord, I surrender myself into your hands and put my wishes and dreams unto you! If I deserve it and you wish, let me do my best!


About the Author

Hello! I’m Dr Analise Maria D’ Mello, (MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB) from the beautiful state of Goa in India. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, learning my prayers, catechism and Catholic values from my parents and grandmothers. I am currently practicing as an obstetrician and gynecologist for 3 years since my residency. I often speak on anti-abortion to college students and married couples, and counsel distressed pregnant women with appropriate medical advice. I am part of the St Luke’s Medical Guild of Catholic Doctors in my state providing services in prisons, and Lenten and advent retreats for medical professionals and their families.